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Rubber grinder

Rubber grinder:XFS rubber grinder is a device that granulates the 5-20 mesh pure rubber grains into 40-120 mesh powder at normal temperature. It mainly insists of main motor, servomotor, VF motor, V belt wheel, fixed millstone, movable millstone, main shaft, body and cooling water circulation system, etc.
Features of rubber grinder
1.Horizontal structure guarantees the ins tallation accuracy of millstones and easy operation.
2.Our rubber grinders feature compact structure, low energy consumption, high output, low noise and easy installation.
3.Tungsten carbide millstones are designed with high resistance to shock and wearing, easy mainten ance and long service life.
4.Built-in cycling cooling water system prevents the high temperature and avoids rubber charring while millstones working, resulting in high working effciency and long life span.
5.Servomotor, VF motor and automatic control device can collect relate data and adjust the gap of millstones automatically.
Parameters of rubber grinder

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