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tire fiber separator, particle separator

tire fiber separator, particle separator:Our tire fiber separator or particle separator uses the main shaft to drive the selector disk, thus scattering materials. The negative pressure, which is created by the exhauster in the sealed separator body, functions to separate the light and heavy parts in levitation situation. Thus, we finally achieve the goal of separating fiber and rubber grains.
Our tire fiber separator or particle separator is composed of a motor, V-belt, V-belt wheel, hopper ,bearing housing, rotor, main shaft, selector disk, adjustment ring, separator body, and bearing, etc.
1.This tire fiber separator, or particle separator features high separation efficiency, lower power consumption, and wide range of applications.
2.By using the air cycle system, this separator can finish both separation and collection.
3.Long operation life and easy maintenance.
4.Negative pressure operation and quality sealing elements ensure that our tire fiber separator produces no dust and noise.So if you are looking for an environmentally friendly particle separator, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
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