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Automatic control system of tire recycling plant

Automatic control system of tire recycling plant: Automatic control system is based on PC-based control way, and is a composite of signal measurement and analysis technique, control technique, communication technique and Windows NT technique, and more. It can run smoothly on Windows 2K/XP platform.
Features of automatic control system
1. Intelligent processing capability
As each operating point has the intelligent processing capability, the whole system can work well if more than 1/3 more points run stably.
2. Module structure design
Our automatic control system is designed with module structure, which enables us to modify, add or delete single module or multe-module, thus to keep our system among high rank.
3. Adaptive capability on site
Owing to perceptive technology, our control system has high adaptive capability on site, usually in three minutes.
4. Self-learning ability
Based on the collected huge data, the automatic control system can learn and communicate with external environment, so as to automatically select the best control parameter and ensure high efficiency of production equipment.
5. Function of remote monitoring and control
6. High-speed data exchange capability based on Windows, UNIX, and Linux operating systems
7. High security
Our automatic control system adopts safety management that combines safe area with priority. Meanwhile, the system has high perceptive capability on site.
As a professional tire recycling plant manufacturer, we at Zhejiang Lionheart also strive to design automatic control system of tire recycling plant for our valued customers. Our tire recycling machines includes tire crusher, fine rubber shredder, linear vibrating screen, automatic bag filter, fiber separator, and tire cutter, and so on. They are all CE certified, and are exported to the United States, Germany, Russia, Australia, India and Brazil, and many other countries and regions.
If you are looking for tire recycling machinery, please contact us at Zhejiang Lionheart. We are looking forward to working with you.

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