Our tire recycling machines included tire cutter,tire wire extractor,tire crusher,particle separator,magnetic separator,rubber course crusher,fine rubber shredder,classifier,and more. They adopt PLC control program, and have easy operation,stable performance,high quality and reasonable price.Thus,our tire recycling plants have attracted many clients at home and abroad.

Zhejiang Lionheart Industrial Equipment Company is a professional manufacturer of tire recycling plants, based in China. We strive to research and develop technologies to effectively recycle and re-use tires.Our primary products include tire cutter, tire wire extractor, tire crusher, rubber coarse crusher, fine rubber shredder, rubber grinder, linear vibrating screen, and magnet separator. Our tire recycling plants use PLC control systems, and are compact, highly automated. They have low energy consumption, and can separate the steel wire, fiber, rubber, etc., of tire effectively and to a high purity level. In recycling tires, our machines do not produce waste gas, polluted water, or residue. Thus, they have attracted many clients, both at home and abroad.

In order to further expand our market, we take several steps to ensure our tire recycling plants are high quality and economically priced. For instance, we conduct a comprehensive quality inspection of all incoming raw materials and components, as well as finished products.The production processes of our tire crusher, fine rubber shredder, and rubber grinder, strictly comply with the ISO9001:2008 quality management system. In addition, we have established a scientific, standardized management system, resulting in high working efficiency and 100% quality rate. As a result of these efforts, our tire recycling plants are all CE cetified.

Our production cost control works as follows: we acquire our high quality raw materials at low cost, as a result of our relationships with wellknown, local suppliers; additional skill training is provided to our staff to improve their ability and efficiency; diligent equipment maintenance prolongs service life; and constantly improving our storage system avoids any raw materials waste. Additionally, our location in Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, offers us easy access to convenient transportation by sea, land and air, which greatly reduces our purchasing cost, as well as the shipping fees for our customers.

Presently, our high quality and lou-priced tire recycling plants, like tire cutter, tire wire extractor , adn rubber grinder, and more , are exported to the United States, Germany, Russia, Australia, Ireland, India, Turkey and Brazil, and many other countries and regions.

We also have an experienced customer service team which provides customers with professional and complete service. Also, our professional R & D department can design tire recycling equipment to meet your requirements.

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